Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to Market Your Products and Services on Facebook

Facebook is becoming more and more popular on the World Wide Web and a lot of users from different parts of the world join this site to connect with their old friends and loved ones. Meeting new friends here is also highly possible. What makes it more exciting is that it can also be a platform for marketing your products and services. 

Businesses can take advantage of Facebook’s features to promote whatever they want online. Below are the ways to do it:

Fan Page or Group

You can create an FB Fan Page and invite your friends and relatives to “like” it. You can also create an FB Group and invite them to join or perhaps, simply add them. They can also invite more people to like your page or add them to your group. This strategy can be a good tool for marketing. You can post updates about your business, launch new products and announce contests. Your likers and members can comment on your posts. They can post feedback or ask questions about what you are promoting. Depending on your configuration, you can also allow them to upload their own photos and videos, and create discussions.

Ad Space

Facebook has ad spaces that marketers can use for a minimal fee. Before creating your ad, make a thorough research first on the right keywords to use. That will make it sure that your ad will get to people who will be interested in what you’re offering.


When you open your Facebook personal page, you will notice on your friend’s update that they make use of different applications such as FarmVille, CafĂ© World, Restaurant City, Horoscopes and a whole lot more. You can also create your own application and include your ads in it. This strategy can be costly; however, it can be very effective if you want to establish your brand. 

Photo Tagging

You can tag your friends, members and other contacts in your photos. This can be a very effective way in making them aware of what you've been doing and what's keeping you busy. 


You can inform your page or group members if your company or business will be holding an event in the future. It could be a product launching, exhibits and so on. You can send invitations to your members and personal friends on FB. They can also add more people to the event you've created.

Wall Posts

Posting shout outs and updates on your Facebook wall can be really helpful to your brand. It can be a simple but powerful strategy to let the world know that you have such great products and services. What’s exciting about this is that it’s going to be a two way communication. Both your existing and potential customers can easily interact with you and you can respond to their comments.

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