Friday, October 9, 2009

Jamaica Adventure Getaway

Want to have a vacation made in heaven? Why don't you try Jamaica, a place with a unique blend of nature and modern facilities that boast the island’s grand beauty which includes mountains, rain forests, beaches and rivers. It is a splendid place to visit and explore with lively music, vibrant cultures, excellent hotels and villas, food and a lot of water adventures.

There are valleys surrounded with greenery and magnificent rivers all over the island. From enclosed coves, you will find sea birds nesting on the cliff, magnificent sparkling beaches and mangroves. There are various species of birds, reptiles and wildlife in the island. Jamaica has also thousands of flowering plants.

Because it is relatively a very large place, there are many places to visit and many adventures to explore.

Have a taste of the world’s famous Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee which is being cultivated at The Blue Mountains.

Be ready for a breathtaking adventure at Dunn’s River Falls. It is a spectacular Jamaican tourist spot that looks like a wedding cake and is a great place for honeymooners to explore.

Witness water falling out of the limestone and going towards the Black River at YS Falls.

Swim and interact with dolphins at Dolphin Cove. You can frolic with these lovable animals. Touch and kiss them. That should be fun.

Take a flying tour via a Canopy adventure within the lush rain forest.

Take a tour to the Green Grotto Caves, which is a complex of limestone caves with huge rock formation and overhead ceiling pockets and holes where the light shines through.

Get involved in a rafting expedition at Rio Grande — the longest river in Jamaica.

Experience a Mayfield Falls Adventure in Jamaica, which features 22 waterfalls, natural whirlpools and several swimming holes for cooling off.

Visit the Alligator Hole Nature Park as it is the only place there where you can see manatees and crocodiles. The best time to see the shy manatee is in the afternoon.

Enjoy the beautiful view at Hope Botanical Gardens which showcases a lot of tropical plants. This is suitable for people who loves quiet places. There is a small zoo at the end of the garden that both kids and adults will appreciate.

Snorkeling and scuba diving at Montego Bay Marine Park is worth a try. It is a marine reserve that aims to protect the coral reefs, sea grasses and mangroves.

Feed the native stingray at Stingray City and swim in the Caribbean Sea.

Take a boat to tour Black Rover Boat Safari and overlook crocodiles and various species of birds.

Swim in the warm waters of Blue Lagoon, and witness how it spectacularly changes colors from deep blue to luminescent green throughout the day.

Enjoy a golfing adventure at White Witch Golf Course. Many golfers consider it as the best for its spectacular view of the whole Caribbean.

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