Friday, October 9, 2009

Jamaica - A Place Like Home

Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean and a vacation mecca of the world. It’s the best place to visit with its breathtaking white sandy blue water beaches, all year round tropical climate, tropical fruits, exotic foods, famous for its magnificent and splendid houses and villas, mouth watering foods and not to mention the warm and friendly Jamaican people. Whether you are on a family vacation, honeymoon, or you just want to unwind and have a pleasant and restful weekend, there is no place like Jamaica, “a home away from home”.

A restful and stress-free vacation where you can find all the amenities and comfort of your own home, a place where you can relax and enjoy the view of the Caribbean Sea from your balcony, watching the sunset with a drink in your hand and listening to the sound of the crickets as they sing through the night, Jamaica has a lot of resorts to offer like Turtle Beach Towers, Hilltop Villa, Negril Beach Condo, Hellshire Beach, Fort Clarence Beach, Naggo Head Beach, Lime Cay Beach and many more.

Jamaica has many splendid beaches with breathtaking views where you wake up in the morning as the sun rises, you could feel the excitement of starting the day in a relaxing way on white sandy beaches with crystal-clear sparkling blue water under the tropical sun as you unwind and drowsily listen to the hypnotic sound of the waves and every muscle in your body starts to relax and all your worries and pains vanish. You can sunbath and swim in the clear-crystal water, jet-skiing, rafting, scuba diving and a lot more to do until sunset.

There are many fascinating beaches here in Jamaica were you can luxuriate like Cornwall Beach that offers a variety of water-sports activity, Boston Bay Beach, perfect for small fishing trips and surfing, Blue Lagoon Beach where the water is a gorgeous shade of cobalt blue and is excellent for swimming, Dunn's River Beach where the visitors can swim in the whirlpool and do falls climbing and many more beaches to visit. Just take the time to do some research and you will find the perfect vacation getaway that suits your needs.

Jamaican dishes have a lot to offer from gourmet cuisine to home cook food, something very hard to resist and mouth watering, and different dishes that taste so good and healthy. Most Jamaican food is seasoned with healthy herbs and spices locally grown and made without frying and prepared creatively and flavorfully. Fruits and vegetables are also abundant in Jamaica. Jamaican National dish, Ackee is made from Jamaican National fruit Ackee which can only be found in Jamaica.

Trees and flowering plants are abundant in the island with its many water falls and rivers that earned the title “land of wood and water”. The high mountains have misty pine trees with rain forests.

With its many sights, cultures, beaches and resorts, Jamaica offers various endless arrays of activities aside from sunbathing, many water activities, mountain climbing; top Jamaican stores sell souvenirs, duty-free items, and clothing.

Jamaica has a variety of underground caves and offshore reefs, and safe, naturally filtered drinking water.

Looking for a place to spend your vacation in a relaxed and pleasurable way? Just open your PC and type Jamaica! Come and visit Jamaica, a perfect paradise to spend your vacation and experience the comfort of your home away from home escapade in a relaxed and stress-free setting with breathtaking beaches, resorts, hotels, villas, mountains, night life activities, lots and lots of adventures, landscapes and souvenir shops together with the fun loving and warm welcome from Jamaican People.

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